Whether you are dependent on interoperability of systems, using Blockchain Technologies, which have to communicate with other systems; or you are handling with personnel data, BPS has the technology to give your business security and reduce your cost significantly.

One Platform. Two products.
Based on a single platform and easy integrate able products, BPS enables your solutions to communicate with solutions and platforms in a fully secured way. Save significant time, resources and save up to 30 % of data processing costs.

European Courts have already claimed more than € 500 mio. in fines for data breaches under GDPR.
Become GDPR compliant with the full support of our digital solution to build customer´s trust and avoid fines for data breaches. Have full control of private data handling in your systems on hand, always UpToDate and in Realtime. The solutions are offered by the Institue of Data Protection (IoDPR).

BPS will of a platform-as-a-service-solution (PaaS) to enable organizations to exchange, manage and govern data in a multi-party environment. The aim is to democratize interoperability. The solution will be developed by Interoperabilty Foundation (INF).